Ballard Construction/Ballard Sports specializes in site master planning, construction, installation and maintenance of all types of Athletic Facilities and Equine Arenas.

Ballard Sports has a dedicated sports turf management staff that has gained their experience as sports turf managers for various college and professional teams. With over ninety years of on staff sports turf experience, and a fleet of sports turf equipment, Ballard Sports is well equipped to handle every aspect of sports turf management, and has become one of the leading synthetic and natural grass contractors in the country. We specialize in mass earthwork, storm drainage, placement and blending of root-zone materials, concrete construction, dynamic stone base construction, irrigation systems, sod placement and grow-in, synthetic turf, running tracks, and sports turf management.

More recently, Ballard Sports has specialized in Equine Arena Construction. We provide laser grading, irrigation, drainage, as well as base and footing installation for premium equine arenas. We also do sidewalks, asphalt and concrete, as well as landscaping to cover every aspect of a major facility. We are proudly partnered with FootingFirst, LLC footing to provide our customers with some of the best, research based footing for your equine partners.

*We will be offering ring maintenance, clearing, grading, tractor service, asphalt repair, and construction for all farms in Wellington and Ocala, FL for the upcoming equestrian winter circuits (2018).

Ballard Sports has offices in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast to provide full Athletic Field and Arena services to the east coast and into the mid-west.

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