Equine Arena Services


Ballard Sports has committed to serving the equine industry with our extensive experience with both human and equine athletes alike. We have 90+ years in the construction business, and our equine arena manager lends 15+ years in the equine industry.

We provide laser grading, irrigation, drainage, and base and footing installation to construct your dream arena from start to finish, and are able to customize each design and arena to cater to individual needs.

We specialize in arena design, construction, and maintenance, as well as footing installation. With such extensive experience in the turf field industry, we also are able to develop derby and polo fields. We have the necessary top tier equipment for any equine performance related project.

Additionally, we are proudly partnered with one of the leading footing companies in the industry, FootingFirst, LLC. This footing is research backed by many universities, and scientifically proven to be some of the best on the market. With Olympians such as McLain Ward, Todd Minikus, Lauren Hough, and Ian Miller testifying to the effectiveness of this footing, we are pleased to offer such an exemplary product to our customers.

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